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Melan / Gabor Lux Bibliography and Download Links

Chronological list of some of the post-2000 English-language rpg works by Gabor Lux (known as Melan on some forums), including download links for some of the harder-to-find free modules. This is not intended to be comprehensive, as it doesn't plan to include his Hungarian-language works, his Sword and Magic rules, and possibly various other bits.

Melan's own descriptions of some of these items can be found at: as well as at his Fomalhaut website.

Crypt of the Magician (released 2001 ~Jun)

35 page dungeon module for 3e/d20 that stitches together and populates some of the Map-a-Week entries put on the website. Although it's for 3e/d20, Melan deliberately eschews some elements of 3e-era design (feats and balanced encounters).

Bits of Gold:
- the beached ship area
- clues in areas that pertain to other areas (e.g. clues about the apparatus of Kwalish)
- the recommendation for what to fill in V. 831_r1 undesigned areas 41-54 with: group of adventurers enthralled / dominated by a crystal hypnosis ball (although I'd be inspired to tweak that slightly to enable the NPC adventurers to channel/trick the PCs into getting dominated too—the crystal hypnosis ball wants more thralls)
- the occupants closest to the entrance (the evil cleric), with suggestions that can potentially fuel further occurrences in the area (that his superiors will eventually come)
- fake demi-lich ("Deadly Deception")

download the module pdf:

download the maps:

I made a composite map pdf:

Voodoo Shaman Prestige Class (released 2001 Oct 16)

d20 prestige class that ties into Temple of Pazuzu. See the mutual references to the Yig artifact.

originally published at:

download directly from:

Temple of Pazuzu (released 2002 Mar 12)

23 page Lost World-style hex crawl & sandbox, with a Swords & Sorcery-style evil temple. For 3e/d20. Really inspiring stuff, that wouldn't be too hard to convert to AD&D, B/X, or OD&D.

download the module directly:

download the wilderness map directly:

The above map is a reproduction made somewhere between 2003 and 2005, and the positions of a couple of keyed areas are very slightly off, but still close enough that you should be able to find the relevant locations in the text.

There is a better-looking map in the Hungarian version on Melan's web site (it also depicts a couple additional islands that are not keyed in the English version), but it does not use the same hex arrangement, so the keys don't match the map. Here's a list of the English-language keyed areas, showing their equivalent areas on the Hungarian map:
Yakaura (9, 21): 0814
Pirates (9, 21): 0814
The Shaman’s Cave (11, 20): 0914
Abandoned Fort (8, 24): 0717
Wasteland (12, 18/13, 17): 1112-1113
Balumba (16, 19): 1413
Giant Spider Lair (14, 16): 1311 (this number is the Sinkhole in the Hungarian version)
Sinkhole (16, 23): 1516
Kesula (18, 13): 1609
Anayola (11, 15): 1009
The Clearing of the Supersnake (11, 16): 1011
The Temple of Yig (11, 16): 1011
The Tar Pit (8, 18): 0713
Valley of the Pterodactyls (8, 15): 0512 through 0610
Coastal Cavern (6, 20): 0514
Agodi’s Tomb (5, 17): 0412
Carnivorous Apes (8,7): 0705
Village (9,4): 0703
Guardians of Living Stone (9,5): 0704

Tomb of the Barbarian King (released 2002 Aug 3)

6 page dungeon module for 3e/d20. Not too special, but at least a couple twists/perks relative to the standard small tomb setup: some plant monsters; skeletons surprising from columns. Quite 3e-focused in the monsters and items. This is an earlier version of material that was later published as part of The Barbarian King in 2011 (see further below).

originally published at:

download the module directly:

Taxes and Death (2004 ~Jan)

4 page random event/encounter table for small generic fantasy settlements, but originally conceived as part of a Wilderlands campaign. Basically systemless, though it contains influences from both 3e/d20 and the Wilderlands.

Connections: Designed in response to events occurring at Slaughter in the Salt Pits.

more info from Melan:

originally published (as a "Long Term Encounter Chart") at the Judges Guild web site:

download it directly:

Attack of the Plant Monsters (2004 Feb 19)

6 page wilderness module set in the Wilderlands, for 3e/d20. Feels more like an obstacle than a module, at least from my AD&D perspective. Although purely from a 3e perspective (where xp comes mainly from monsters), it probably made more sense as-is.

originally published at the Judges Guild web site:

download the module directly:

Zothay (released 2005 Jan 10)

52 page city set in the Wilderlands, on the Barbarian Altanis map. Nominally for 3e/d20, but uses a more minimalist stat approach. Melan says, "Many assumptions were drawn from older editions and the Castles & Crusades RPG, ... further molded by the author to give him the feel he wanted."

There is a lot of inspirational stuff here. One thing that stood out was re-interpreting a magic user as a sorcerer, who, instead of casting spells, created items that imbued summoned entities. It was done in a nice, not-overly-systemic way. Also the ties between various rumors and factions, and in how the resident magic-users might affect PC apprentices.

Connections: Is the setting for The House of Rogat Demazien. Refers to The Spring Temple of Ai (area 17, Miscellaneous Missions). Probably alludes to The Garden of al-Astorion (Appendix I, rumor #20), and might allude to The Isle of Birds (rumor #19).

more info at Melan's Fomalhaut site:

originally published at the Judges Guild web site:

Download the various pieces from the above link, or the archive of the old Judges Guild web site:

Below the City (released 2005 Jul 30)

14 page dungeon module for 3e/d20, describing an area underneath the City of Vultures (see Connections below) as originally used in one of Melan's Wilderlands campaigns. Looks extremely usable for AD&D, and the setting is generic enough to work almost anywhere. A couple 3e conversions are necessary, including Ardaxas.

The background is important to using this module. ("All he left to his apprentices was a set of instructions to reach him if they sought consultation with their old master.") This is probably best if the adventurers are afforded the chance to use the tomb for its intended purpose: Communication with Ardaxas. Other motivations are possible too, in a limited form, although they are obviously deadly.

Map scale can be intuited from the 50' x 50' dimensions given in the text for area 11. Ditto for other dimensions given in areas 15, 16, 17.

Connections: Not set in the exact same City of Vultures that Melan later published for Fomalhaut, but there are similarities between the two cities.

more info at Melan's Fomalhaut site:

originally published at the Judges Guild web site:

download the module directly:

Isle of the Water Sprites (released 2005 Oct 11)

14 page outdoor module for 3e/d20, inspired by some material in the Wilderlands. If converting this to AD&D, note that these d20-based sea hags are less deadly than their AD&D counterparts.

originally published at the Judges Guild web site:

download the module directly:

The House of Rogat Demazien (released 2005 Nov 15)

16 page urban + dungeon module for C&C, loosely tied to the Wilderlands and originally created for Zothay. A module in the truest sense of the word: A set of buildings that can be easily plugged-in to most swords & sorcery or fantasy cities. Being for C&C, there is a very little conversion work necessary for AD&D. Maybe one instance of poison, but I'm not sure that even requires effort. Easily portable.

Quite clever. The use of the special gargoyle statues as guardians—a great example of design by concept, instead of simply filling rooms with monsters.

more info at Melan's Fomalhaut site:

originally published at the Judges Guild web site:

download the module directly:

The Garden of al-Astorion (released 2006 Feb 17)

44 page small lost world-style sandbox, set superficially in the Wilderlands, with a "situation" that the party can deal with or not. Various primordial creatures. Written for both d20 and C&C, and the latter version should take only a little work to convert to AD&D.

Dang, this module is really cool. Especially the way the valley's naturalistic features are implicit paths, in conjunction with the trails themselves, and also what you can see from the valley initially. The "situation" in the module can be resolved in either positive or negative ways. Speaks to connections with the City of the Vultures (see further below).

more info at Melan's Fomalhaut site:

originally published at the Judges Guild web site:

download the module directly (C&C version):

Strabonus (released 2006 Sep 1)

16 page dungeon/fortress module, originally set in the Wilderlands, with stats for C&C. This is a really neat puzzle-based module, with the potential for a ton of fighting too. Tricky layout, and a potentially very deadly final "area," if the adventurers manage to get that far.

more info at Melan's Fomalhaut site:

originally published at

download the module directly:

Systema Tartarobasis (released 2007 Jun 26)

56 page open-ended dungeon/city module set in Fomalhaut for C&C.

design notes from Melan:

originally published at the Treasure Tables site:
... and at

download the module directly:

The Tomb Complex of Ymmu M’Kursa (released 2008 Apr 12)

4 page dungeon module set in Fomalhaut for old school D&D systems, released in Fight On! #1.

published in Fight On! #1:

The Tower of Birds (released 2008 Jul 27)

3 page module of an enormous tower, set in Fomalhaut (but originally designed for Wilderlands), for old school D&D systems. Released in Fight On! #2.

There may be a glitch in area 7: The position of this room (NE) doesn't match the rotation amount from 6 (1/2). Either the position should be SE (1/2 = 4/8), or the rotation amount should be 6/8. OR, the rotation direction given in 6 (down in a counter-clockwise direction) should be clockwise instead, plus perhaps other modifications.

published in Fight On! #2:

Fomalhaut (released 2008 Nov 19)

11 page campaign setting / world / cosmology, for old school D&D systems (although the article is nearly statless), plus a separate 3 page set of tables for randomly determining settlement details, relics & curios, and teleportation destinations. Released in Fight On! #3.

earlier version of the cosmology info, plus some maps, are here:

... importantly, the above thread helpfully clarifies the scale on the Fomalhaut maps, which are given in "stadion" (or sometimes in "sztadion" in his other releases). This is an ancient Greek unit of measurement. For purposes of Melan's releases, 10 stadion/sztadion equal 1 kilometer.

published in Fight On! #3:

Isles on an Emerald Sea (released 2009 ~Feb)
The Isle of Birds (hex 1004, labeled "Madarak")
The Isle of Arsinoi (hex 1203 through 1401)
(hex numbers correspond to The Sea of Emerald Idols detail map, see below)

4 page island module, set in Fomalhaut as part of the Isles on an Emerald Sea series, for Swords & Wizardry. Released in Knockspell #1.

Though set in Fomalhaut (in and around The Sea of Emerald Idols), most of the islands in this series are not labeled on the main Fomalhaut map in Fight On! #3. However, Melan's web site has a hand-annotated detail map of The Sea of Emerald Idols (see the bottom of that page) showing the positions of many/all of the Isles. Scale is 200 stadion (20 km) per hex.

No scale is given for The Isle of Birds, although the annotated detail map shows it to be roughly 70 stadion (7 km) wide at the longest point.

more info at Melan's Fomalhaut site:

published in Knockspell #1:

The Spring Temple of Ai (released 2009 Mar 4)

2 page temple/dungeon module, originally set in the Wilderlands, but presented generically. For old school D&D systems. Released in Fight On! #4.

It's very fast paced, and extremely usable, either as a generic adventure site (loot!), or when the adventurers need oracular info. Referees would do well to have a handful of additional riddles ready for use, just in case.

Connections: Mentioned in Zothay.

published in Fight On! #4:

Isles on an Emerald Sea II (released 2009 May 13)
The Isle of Barzon (hex 0804)
The Isle of Armul Urthag (hex 0404 & 0505)
The Isle of Winds
The Isle of Mertagras
The Isle of Panodax (hex 0706)
The Isle of Magrar Yemmaure (hex 0707)
(hex numbers correspond to The Sea of Emerald Idols detail map)

7 page island module, set in Fomalhaut as part of the Isles on an Emerald Sea series, for Swords & Wizardry. Released in Knockspell #2.

Barzon and Armul Urthag have the most detail. The other four islands plus an Appendix take up just over one page.

more info at Melan's Fomalhaut site:

published in Knockspell #2:

Black Blood (released 2009 May 27)

11 page villa/dungeon module, set in Fomalhaut, taking place in Pentastadion (see next entry), for old-school D&D systems. Released in Fight On! #5.

This module has a more prominent assumed narrative than Gabor's other works, at least in terms of the initial hook; if the adventurers are particularly stealthy (e.g., all PCs are invisible, as my players often manage), the hook might have nothing to bite into. Admittedly I have not yet read beyond the introduction, so it may become more site-based.

published in Fight On! #5:

Pentastadion (released 2009 May 27)

3 page city set in Fomalhaut, for old-school D&D systems (but nearly systemless). Released in Fight On! #5.

Connections: Black Blood is set here.

published in Fight On! #5:

Stone Gullet (released 2009 Aug 31)

published in Fight On! #6:

The City of Vultures (released 2009 Oct 26)

published in Knockspell #3:

Temple of the Sea Demon (released 2009 Dec 9)

One of Gabor Lux's best!

published in Fight On! #7:

I Thirst (released 2010 Mar 18)

published in Fight On! #8:

Isles on an Emerald Sea III (released 2010 Apr 13)
The Isle of Molonei (hex 0205 & 0305)
The Isle of Kalkar
The Isle of Miralf
The Isle of Umman Akthan
The Isle of Iskander Khan (hex 0113)
The Isle of Askor (hex 0408)
The Isle of Women
The Isle of Oymlienk the Hazar (hex 0515)
The Isle of the Dead
(hex numbers correspond to The Sea of Emerald Idols detail map)

published in Knockspell #4:

Khosura City State of the Four Mysteries Part I (released 2010 Jun 22)

published in Fight On! #9:

Khosura City State of the Four Mysteries Part II (released 2010 Oct 9)

published in Fight On! #10:

The Barbarian King (released 2011 Mar 16)

published in Fight On! #11:

The City State of Dusal Dagodli (released 2011 Jul 14)

published in Fight On! #12:

Isles on an Emerald Sea IV (released 2011 ~Sep)
Isles of the Ur-Stones (hexes 0309 0409 0410 0510)
Debris of the Sea
(hex numbers correspond to The Sea of Emerald Idols detail map)

published in Knockspell #6:

Slaughter in the Salt Pits (released 2011 Dec 18)

published in Fight On! #13:

Shadow Court (released 2014 ~Jan)

published in Fight On! #14:


  1. Good news! I contacted Melan, and he gave me a reproduction of the missing Temple of Pazuzu wilderness map. There's a download link for it in the Temple of Pazuzu section above.